Setting Up and Maintaining Your Large Outdoor Fountain

Setting Up and Maintaining Your Large Outdoor Fountain

What’s a better way to decorate your garden than by installing a large outdoor fountain? Fountains create a relaxing and fascinating effect. They can also be a low-cost improvement in your home. However, when you decide to have it, you have to be prepared to invest time. This is because it’s not only the fountain which needs to be maintained, it’s the whole garden around it. For example, you will need to have your finest ride on mower ready to mow the grass around the fountain to an attractive length.

The time you need to install your own fountain depends on how you work at it. And the work does not end after the installation. You need to be able to maintain your fountain. Here are the things to know about setting up and maintaining large outdoor fountains:

Foundation is Important

Your fountain’s foundation is very crucial especially if you have a large outdoor fountain. It should not be erected directly on dirt or mulched beds. Create a supportive under layer using gravels, paving, patio stones, or other outdoor materials. This way, you can guarantee a firm and stable structure. The stones also prevent the absorption of moisture in the ground.

Water Should Have the Right pH Level

Use a distilled water to prevent mineral build-up that can clog your pump. It is also best to be aware of the water’s pH level. One with pH level that’s too low can cause roughness that can invite algae growth. To prevent this, add a good amount of soda ash or pH UP.  7 to 7.5 is the ideal pH level.

Cleaning the Fountain is Not Enough

Clean your fountain from debris and leaves that might stick and clog its pump. You also have to prevent the growth of unwanted weeds and the possibility of pest infestation around your fountain by mowing them. When mowing, be as close you can but don’t hit the cobblestones as it can damage the blades on your mower.

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